Welcome to VeriSHEQ

VeriSHEQ will be launching in November 2019.

Our services are designed to perform compliance verification for our clients on the SHEQ Industry.

This includes SHEQ Consultants, CHS Agents and managers, Approved Inspection Authorities and Regulated Training providers such as First-aid trainers and Lifting Machine Operator training companies. It does not include the verification of jobseekers’ qualifications.

The service is designed to facilitate compliance with the NQF Amendment Act. published on 19 August 2019. Although the amendments have been signed into law it has not yet commenced.

Our purpose

  • To ensure competent people are contracted as consultants
  • To ensure only consultants with high standards of ethics and professionalism is engaged.
  • To ensure that companies offering training, complies with the law.
  • To ensure that Approved Inspection Authorities are registered
  • To minimise the risk of our clients as far as possible.

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